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At DeVere Marketing we work really hard to make sure everyone is happy and satisfied with the service they get from us. Due to this we have a somewhat narrow band of clients that we work with. This isn’t based on anything other than making sure that authors are in a place in their writing careers where paying an outside ad account manager is a good idea. We’ve also got a number of tried and true methods for what we do and it’s important for our clients to understand them in order for us to have a great working relationship.

SO! Check out our Indie Author FAQ page by clicking the image to the right (or maybe below on a mobile device). It answers most of the questions you’re likely to have, and if it doesn’t we’re just a message away on most major platforms to help you with anything the FAQ doesn’t answer.

We offer full Facebook & Amazon (AMS) Ad Account Management

Full ad account management starting at $550 per month (Per platform, ad costs not included)

***As of October 4, 2022 we do not currently have any openings for Facebook or Amazon ads management. We can add you to our wait list and let you know if a spot opens up.***

We offer short-term services to help jump start and/or dial-in your marketing, as well as full, long-term, social media marketing account management.

We have a deep understanding of how ad platforms like Facebook and Amazon (AMS) function, and are highly experienced in adapting to their constant algorithm changes.

Facebook Ads
DeVere Marketing offers Facebook ad management starting at $550/month. Our ad program includes daily optimizing and scaling for 1-4 campaigns, in-depth target audience research for each book marketed, simple video and image creatives, and audience switch/ad testing. Our monthly price does not include ad costs; these are billed through your Facebook Business Manager account.
We keep a daily log of campaign performance, focusing heavily on Amazon rank, click price, and click-through-rate. Our ad management team is highly educated about Facebook and Amazon algorithms and marketing strategies. We work 24/7 to stay on top of ad performance and the latest industry news.

Amazon Ads (Wait List Only)
Automatic, manual, ASIN, and category campaigns – whatever you need, we’ve got you covered. Focusing closely on relevancy and Amazon’s metadata, DeVere Marketing offers monthly ad management (at $550 / month) for AMS ads through your own Amazon Advertisement dashboard. We will research your series’ also-boughts and test different campaign options to find the right fit for your books and series.
As multiple industry leaders have told us, Amazon and Facebook ads walk hand in hand. Running ads through the two platforms simultaneously boosts the series’ visibility and helps the readers end up on the right sales page (yours). For customers who sign up for both the Facebook and Amazon ad management programs, we offer our services for $900 / month.

Send us a message today and ask about our services!

Check our About Us to see just a few of the amazing authors and companies who rely on DeVere Marketing’s Services!

Editorial Services

Are you looking for a new editor or proofreader?

Proofreading: our proofreaders will check your manuscript for any spelling errors, formatting issues, or other basic problems that need to be addressed before your book goes to print. Proofreading ensures that your manuscript is free of typos, extra page breaks, and other issues that might otherwise make your book appear less professional.

Copyediting: our copy editors can check your manuscript for errors of all kinds, including issues with punctuation or grammar, spelling consistency issues, continuity problems, errors of fact, and inconsistent character behavior. Copyediting is a more comprehensive process than proofreading and is designed to make your book as polished and consistent as possible.

Line Editing: line editors focus on the beauty and clarity of the language in your manuscript. Our line editors will check your book for awkward sentences, phrases that need to be reworded, and scenes that need to be made a bit tighter. A line edit can help you catch those difficult sentences and make them as clear and easy to read as the rest of your manuscript.

Developmental Editing: if you have issues with plot or pacing, a developmental editor can help set them right. Our developmental editors will examine the structure of your book and help you tighten up everything from character conflicts to the timing of major events. A developmental edit is the best way to fix deep problems with your book.

Language Services for non-native English speaking Authors: it’s important for every sentence in your book to be correctly structured, idiomatic, and easy-to-read, but this isn’t always easy for authors who are not native speakers of the language in which they’re writing. Our editors can review your book in detail and make sure that every sentence reads like it was written by a native English speaker.

At DeVere Marketing, we take a real sense of joy in helping our fellow authors produce the best work they possibly can. Drop us a line today to learn more about our author services!